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Frequently Asked

What can I take for my nausea that will be safe for the baby?

You may take 25 mg. of Vitamin B6 three times the first (morning, noon and at bedtime). We also recommend ginger tea, or sucking on candied ginger or “Preggie Drops” may also be helpful in reducing nausea and vomiting. If these fail to alleviate your nausea or vomiting, please consult your physician for further treatment.

How long does nausea usually last?

Each pregnancy is different but in general often time the nausea is felt mostly in the first trimester.

What should I be eating?

Our doctor recommends increasing protein-rich, plant-based foods (beans, nuts, green vegetables, whole grains)

  • Fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Choose whole grain bread and pasta – limit those made with white flour
  • Limit foods high in mercury (like tuna)
  • Do not eat uncooked meat or eggs or drink unpasteurized milk
  • Drink 8-10 8 oz. glasses of water per day – avoid sodas and multiple servings of fruit juices
  • Avoid regular intake of fast foods (hamburger, hot dogs, fries)
What activities should I avoid?
  • Emptying a cat litter box - some cats carry the disease toxoplasmosis which exposure to cat feces can cause the woman to get the disease which is very harmful to unborn babies.
  • Avoid getting overheated during pregnancy, whether from heavy exercise, sauna and hot tubs
  • Don’t breathe in fumes from paint, spray cans or insecticides.

Harmful substances to avoid – caffeine, artificial sweeteners, alcohol, and drugs like marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin, etc.

When does the baby’s heart start beating?

Literature states the heart begins to beat within the first month of life (conception).

How We Serve You

We are a medical clinic, and we offer confidential PREGNANCY SERVICES AT NO COST for women facing an UNPLANNED PREGNANCY, in a safe and pressure-free environment.

Pregnancy Testing

Aspire knows that the time you spend waiting for the results of the test can seem like forever. 

Abortion Consultation

Our doctor, nurses, and staff are here to listen and then give you accurate information.


Provide you with accurate information to confirm your pregnancy.

STI Testing

Currently, our STI services are for pregnant women only and their partner.

Educational Information

Learn about medical procedures, pregnancy options, and other facts about your health.

Why Choose Us

Aspire is here for you to help you navigate your pregnancy journey. No Pressure. No Judgement. Just Help.

Why choose Aspire Clinic?


Because you need quick answers


Because you need personalized care


Because you need the truth

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"I tell my friends to go to Aspire because it is a good resource and close to my campus so students can come and get free testing done."



"The staff made me feel so comfortable and at ease."



"The staff made me feel very comfortable."





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