Pregnancy Symptoms

Pregnancy is the beginning of a life-changing experience. Aspire Women’s Clinic is here to help you along, offering information on pregnancy symptoms, needs, and what to do if you have an unplanned pregnancy. We also offer medical-grade pregnancy tests and limited pregnancy ultrasounds at no cost.

When Do Pregnancy Symptoms Start?

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Every woman has a different set of pregnancy symptoms.

For some women, the early signs of pregnancy start as early as the first week, and for others as late as eight weeks into pregnancy.

So, what are the early signs of pregnancy?

Pregnancy Symptoms

Missed Period

One of the surest early signs of pregnancy and the most telling is simply missing your period. Four weeks after conception, your period will be missing. If you have very regular periods, you will know by the first few days of your period missing that you are pregnant. Taking a pregnancy test will show you if you are pregnant as soon as eight days after you should have got your period.


Although you are not getting your period you might experience light bleeding. This does not occur for all women though. It is believed to occur due to the implantation of the fertilized egg into the lining of the uterus. It might occur just around or at the time of your period so you might mistake it for that. If it does not last, you are probably not getting your period for a while.

Sore Breasts

One of the early pregnancy symptoms is having your breasts sore and sensitive to touch. The nipples can turn a darker color and become bigger as the pregnancy progresses. The breasts enlarge which can cause itching of the stretching skin. The soreness should subside after a couple of weeks.

Nausea and Vomiting

Nausea during pregnancy, especially in the morning, is an early sign of pregnancy. Not all women have it but most women do. Nausea may appear from the smell of certain cosmetics, fragrances, or foods. Nausea subsides during the second trimester. Vomiting is common in the mornings.


Fatigue is one of the signs you are pregnant. This is due to the level of the hormone progesterone rising in the body. You might be feeling sleepy. Due to rising temperature of the body, it is best to sleep in a cooler room and get extra sleep during the day. During the second trimester, the fatigue subsides.

Elevated Body Temperature

Many women track their basal body temperature when they are trying to conceive. If you notice this temperature go up for more than two weeks you might be pregnant. You might need to sleep in a colder room to get a good rest and your body temperature might also spike up during exercise or hot weather.


Bloating is a typical symptom for women before their menstrual period. Similar bloating can be felt during early pregnancy. The hormonal changes during pregnancy slow the digestion down which can also result in constipation. You may find that your pants feel a little tighter around the waistline.

Mood Swings

Mood swings are one of the common early signs of pregnancy due to the rapid hormonal changes starting during the first days of pregnancy. Hormones trigger neurotransmitter responses in the brain which changes the way you feel. For women the emotions may change – some feel euphoric while others may be sad, depressed, or anxious.

Aversion To Certain Foods

During the early pregnancy and up until the first-trimester food aversions are very common. There is not enough evidence to explain this symptom, but many women report a change in taste. This can be an aversion to certain foods by simply smelling them. If you suddenly can’t eat a food that you used to like, chances are that you may be pregnant.

Frequent Urination and Incontinence

Frequent urination is another one of the common pregnancy symptoms. Since the blood that is pumped into the body increases, the kidneys have more work of processing fluids into the bladder. The changing hormones also alter the work of the bladder which contributes to your night visits to the bathroom. You might even experience episodes of accidentally leaking urine.

High Blood Pressure

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