What Are My Rights?

Do you have questions about abortion laws in Florida?

What if I am further along than 6 weeks pregnant?

In Florida, if you are further along than 6 weeks gestation, abortion is prohibited.

What If I go to the abortion clinic?

Effective May 1st, 2024, once a woman is 6 weeks gestational age, an abortion cannot be performed in Florida, it is illegal.

What about the people who help me get an abortion?

Florida law now states that any person(s) who willfully performs, or actively participates in a termination of pregnancy commits a felony of the third degree.


Can I obtain "abortion pills" by an alternative source?

It is prohibited by Florida law to obtain abortion-inducing medications from any source other than a medical provider.

Before seeking a chemical abortion you have to have a sonogram 24 hours before starting the medication.


This must be done in person by the physician providing the chemical abortion.


What if I take the pill and change my mind?

The abortion pill is a 2-part process. If someone begins the chemical abortion process and has only taken the first pill, they can still change their mind.

Go to abortionpillreversal.com or call 1-877-558-0333 to be connected with a medical professional who can help with the reversal process. The sooner the reversal process begins, the greater the likelihood is of preserving the pregnancy.

What are the risks of traveling to obtain an abortion?

There are potential risks when choosing an abortion provider outside your local area.

It is crucial that the medical provider be easily accessible in the event of complications such as hemorrhaging, infection, etc.

It is also imperative to go back to the same abortion provider for follow-up appointment(s) to ensure the abortion is complete.


What if I already had an abortion?

You are not alone. There are many feelings associated with abortion, making it hard to talk about. We are here for you through a variety of platforms including individual counseling, support groups and Bible studies. No matter what you are feeling, we are here to help.

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