When you have a headache, it’s natural to grab an aspirin. When the spring flowers are in bloom, but your runny nose and itchy eyes make it hard to get through the day, allergy medicine is super helpful! It’s pretty normal to run to the drugstore to get what we need when something ails us, and there’s definitely nothing wrong with that. 

When you think you might be pregnant and you don’t want to be, it’s also normal to think that taking a couple of pills is an easy solution. You hear about the abortion pill all the time now, and with so many people fighting to make sure it’s available to everyone, it must be safe, right? Well, it’s more complicated and deserves a closer look. 

It’s important to know upfront that it is currently prohibited by Florida law to obtain abortion-inducing medications from any source other than a medical provider. Steer clear of anything you see online that you can buy easily without any pregnancy verification. The state of Florida requires you to have a sonogram 24 hours before starting the medication, and this must be done in person by the physician providing the chemical abortion.  

Now, advocates of the abortion pill argue that it’s a safe, effective way to terminate a pregnancy. However, opponents raise concerns about the potential for misuse, lack of medical oversight, and the emotional and physical impact on individuals who may not be fully informed about what to expect. 

No matter what side you’re on, I think we can all agree that an informed decision is the best decision. If you’re considering an abortion, it is super important to know the status of your health first. At Aspire Women’s Clinic, we offer no-cost abortion education and consultations with same-day and next-day appointments available. Your health information and pregnancy decisions are always kept confidential. 

These appointments generally involve a pregnancy test, education, STD/STI testing, and an ultrasound. Having an ultrasound may sound scary or unnecessary, but it can provide so much information that can help keep you safe. Did you know that 10% -20% of known pregnancies end in miscarriage? If the baby does not have a heartbeat, there is no need for the abortion pill. An ultrasound can also help confirm how far along you are and if the pregnancy is ectopic (occurring outside of the uterus). In an ectopic pregnancy, the abortion pill, specifically mifepristone, is not effective and can cause severe bleeding. 

Ultimately, while the convenience of taking the abortion pill may seem straightforward, it’s important to understand the complexities involved. Getting an accurate pregnancy status and knowing your individual health risks FIRST is essential and should be done before taking any medication. Aspire is committed to ensuring safe, informed, confidential, and supportive care regardless of your situation and decision. Call or text us to make an appointment, 239-788-2475.

Source: FDA.gov, Mayo Clinic 

It’s time to take control of your health and your future. Aspire Women’s Clinic has been serving women in Southwest Florida and specifically Lee County and Collier County for over 20 years. You are safe here and your health information is always confidential.